EYESPACE is a technology and consulting firm co-owned and managed by Matt Hirabayashi MD and Gurpal Virdi MD. Together, they lead a team of engineers to develop and deliver AI-based solutions to the field of ophthalmology. The eyeSpace iOS Application is a cross-platform ophthalmology utility, social media, networking service that provides users with a wide array of eye care tools to optimize and track their surgical outcomes.
               The founders have extensive experience with ocular surgery, technological development, scaling products, overseeing projects, and managing teams.
               EYESPACE is a private entity with no financial relationship to any of the manufacturers whose data is archived. Neither of the founders have conflicts of interest.


Our mission is to empower ophthalmologists and surgeons with the tools they need to optimize their outcomes while providing an inclusive space to discuss topics with colleagues, mentors, and mentees. Our mission is impact: providing novel solutions to positively change the field of ophthalmology while positively changing outcomes and the lives of patients.


Chief Executive Officer
Gurpal Virdi, MD

       The EYESPACE CEO is responsible for talent acquisition, project management, operations, targets, and goal achievement.

       Gurpal Virdi MD is a Palo Alto native who graduated from Washington University in St. Louis. He is currently an ophthalmology resident.

Matthew Hirabayashi, MD

       The EYESPACE President is responsible for general company direction, marketing, mission, and brand image.

       Matthew Hirabayashi MD is a chief ophthalmology resident currently applying for fellowships in refractive surgery.

Chief Medical Officer

       An alumnus of East Carolina University, Dr. Nasser excelled academically, securing a Magna Cum Laude Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a minor in Hispanic studies. His medical journey continued at East Carolina University, culminating in a medical degree with a distinction in health system transformation and leadership. His residency in Ophthalmology was completed in New Orleans, where he was honored as chief resident for his initiatives in medical education.
       Dr. Nasser, originally from a small Yemeni village, embodies a story of resilience and the realization of the American dream. Born to parents who could not complete even elementary education, he carries the vivid memories of life in a third-world country. Today, Dr. Nasser dedicates himself to combating preventable blindness, regularly embarking on mission trips to provide cataract surgeries to the impoverished. 
       Dedicated to restoring vision and enhancing the quality of life for patients, Dr. Nasser blends innovative techniques with heartfelt compassion. Driven by a passion for process improvement and high-quality, patient-centered care, Dr. Nasser gravitated towards specializing in refractive surgery. He cherishes the opportunity to have gained extensive experience in this realm and is excited to embark on exciting novel projects to improve the patient and provider experience.
       The EYESPACE CMO is responsible for overseeing the medical affairs and policies including providing clinical expertise, strategic planning, risk management, research, innovation, and external relations.

Chief Technical Officer

       The EYESPACE CTO is responsible for technological strategy, innovation, execution, strategic planning, and ensuring that the technological infrastructure aligns with our mission.

Board of Directors

Brett Mueller, DO PhD

James Landreneau, MD


Engineering Team

Machine Learning

Bhargav Panguluru
Ethan Babel

Fullstack Engineer

Adnan Alouane
Ivan Zhang
Teresa He


Rohan Song
Yueyang Huang