EYESPACE Ophthalmology

Welcome to the future of integrated ophthalmic surgery. EYESPACE is a technology company and consulting firm that specializes in delivering innovative and AI-based solutions to problems facing surgeons and patients to improve outcomes and positively impact the field of ophthalmology.


               eyeSpace is a multi platform ophthalmology utility grounded in the iOS app. It has multiple tools to assist clinicians optimize patient outcomes. Download in the app store today or access the web-based tools under our TECHNOLOGY page.

               VAULT is an AI-driven tool to accurately predict postoperative vault of the EVO Visian ICL™ (Implanted Collamer® Lens). The goal is to create an accurate, repeatable, and continuously improving machine-learning based tool for the prediction of post-operative ICL™ Vault using various imaging modalities (e.g., Ultrasound Biomicroscopy and Anterior Segment OCT). The models have been developed and are trained with data from refractive surgery cases in the United States at a high volume surgery center.

               OptiCalc is an AI-Driven IOL formula that utilizes pre-operative imaging routinely obtained with biometry. These include the OCT and topography images from the ZEISS IOLMaster® and Scheimpflug images from the OCULUS Pentacam®. This novel, image-driven approach provides additional benefits for machine learning models beyond simply feeding algorithms raw numbers. Important anatomical relationships may greatly impact effective lens position and final refractive outcome.

               PERFECT (Predicted Ectasia Risk From Evaluated Corneal Tomography) is an image-based machine learning project aiming to create an accurate, repeatable, and continuously improving tool for the prediction of corneal ectasia development. This will assist clinicians in the diagnosis of corneal ectasia as well as screening for refractive surgery candidates.


Our mission is to empower ophthalmologists and surgeons with the tools they need to optimize their outcomes while providing an inclusive space to discuss topics with colleagues, mentors, and mentees. Our mission is impact: providing novel solutions to positively change the field of ophthalmology while positively changing outcomes and the lives of patients.

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